My name is Sandra and I am a 18-year-old girl living in Norway. This is a blog made especially for my English class at my high school, here I am going be posting about english related things, for example  book reviews, class assignments and other!

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  1. Hey!
    I really love your blog!

    My name is Claire and i am 16 years old from Wilderness School in Adelaide, Australia.

    At school we are completing a Research Project of our own choice of topic. My topic is to what extent does your food choices reflect who you are, would you have any ideas that could help me?

    Follow me on Instagram @claire_vandenberg
    My email address is- cvandenberg@studnet.wilderness.com.au

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    1. Hello!
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my posts! 🙂

      Well, I think that here in Norway people people really do pay attention to what they eat and sport/ fitness, therefore I have a few ideas that might help you in your project. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the statement “you are what you eat”, but I think it is kind of true. If you eat healthily, you feel much better and this feeling lasts for quite a long time. However, if you eat burgers, it may satisfy you for a short moment and then you will feel the guilt of eating so unhealthily. All of this translates into what mood you’re going to have throughout the day, and how you feel with yourself.

      I hope I helped at least a little, and can’t wait to hear from you soon 😀


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