Dear President-elect Donald Trump, why climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future

Dear Donald Trump,

The world is currently quite unstable and the US authorities are under a lot of pressure. This is a result of the recent US election, uncertainty as to what The Paris Agreement will bring, and the big discussion on climate change. I am dedicating this post to you, in order to inform you why the last issue mentioned above, is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future. Considering your negative opinion on this topic, I will try to bring you the alarming details, in hope that you might reevaluate your theory.


Dear Donald Trump,

There is nothing easier than denying the existence of something, especially if it doesn’t have a noticeably big impact on our everyday life. Why then bother dealing with it? An opinion such as this one is unacceptable for a person with such big responsibility as yours.

Global warming is real, and it is happening at the speed of lightning. Melting icebergs, far too warm winters, higher wildlife extinction rates and higher sea levels are just a few of the thousands of consequences. We don’t even need scientific proof for some of these statements: all you need to do is to ask anyone over the age of 50, and they will all tell you “In my times, winter in Norway meant nearly 1m high snow and around -15 degrees Celcius on the thermometer. What we have now, can’t really be compared to the real definition of winter”. Do we really need more proof? Aren’t sentences such as these alarming enough?


Dear Donald Trump,

Our world is in danger, and no-one’s personal beliefs should decide whether or not we will try to save it. The title you are about to receive doesn’t only give you the RIGHT to change things, but actually, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to do so. Your job is to steer the country, and you should step away and let the scientists and the experts analyze the level of dangerousness. My message to you is please, reconsider this issue and try to notice how it is slowly but surely destroying our beautiful planet Earth.


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