Global challenges through the eyes of candidates for president

The environment is facing many problems which have a huge impact on our world. One of the main problems is carbon dioxide. Al Gore focuses a lot on this topic and our starting point is to prevent this global challenge from getting any worse. Over the past years, CO2 emission has only been growing. According to Al Gores graphs the US. has the highest number of CO2 emissions.


Hillary Clinton has always been very preoccupied of the environment and supported many climate- focused debates. Also, according to an article in USA today by  Gregg Zoroya and Doyle Rice, “Clinton cares deeply about protecting public health and the environment”. This is proven when she mentioned during her acceptance speech that she is proud of the US for signing the Paris climate accord.


However, Trump on the other hand disagrees with Clintons opinion about the Paris climate deal and rejects the mainstream climate science. He has called climate change a “con job” and a “hoax” and suggested it is a Chinese plot “to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”


6 thoughts on “Global challenges through the eyes of candidates for president

  1. Hi I’m from Australia, I agree that the environment is facing many problems and that they have a big impact on our world. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia is The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland. Due to climate change the corals reefs are already beginning to be destroyed as coral is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Coral plays a critical role in this ecosystem as they form habitats for thousands of species of fish. It is so devastating seeing the world’s largest coral reef being destroyed.

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  2. I definitely agree that the climate change we’re currently seeing in today’s society has an inconceivably huge impact on the world as a whole. It saddens me that people such as Donald Trump fail to see the side effects of the way we humans choose to treat our beloved earth. It’s unfortunate that people such as him has an actual chance at potentially becoming the president of the USA, especially considering that the US is arguably the country with the largest influence on the world as a whole.

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  3. Hello l’m from Lesotho, and I do agree that Global Warming has big impact on the earth and not much is being done to change that. Due to this, last year we faced a terrible drougth which lasted for months, in the high lands of Lesotho most people rely mostly on farming. Because of the drought most could not harvest anything, and the price of food is increasing. Global warming makes everything unstable the pattern of seasons has changed dramatically and nowadays we experience harsh weather that is extremely hot, dusty and cold.
    Severe practice of deforestation has also a major impact in my country. Littering seems to be another problem in my country, were people seem not to dispose garbage in a proper manner. Global warming has different effects all over the world, the bottom line is that not much has been done to change the situation.

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    1. Hello and thank you for your comment! So sad to hear that Lesotho was affected by a drought, unfortunately global problems is not something we can influence or change. However littering is something we have an impact on. Here in Norway, we really try to keep our environment clean. Litter is much more dangerous for the nature than we can imagine, because even a “harmless” plastic bag decomposes a few hundred years!
      Greetings from Norway


  4. Hi, Sandra. It looks like you’ve summarized the presidential candidates’ views in a correct way. I wonder, as you’re stating that the CO2 emissions are growing, and Mr. Trump’s tweets suggest that is not the case: It seems one of you are wrong, knowingly or not. My humble advise would be to suggest that you make your source visible.

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