The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph…

Today we got to meet our new english class for next year. We were introduced to the new teaching program, competency goals and plans for next year. Then we watched a short film called “The butterfly circus”, where the main character role was played by Nick Vujicic.


Nick was born as the eldest child of a pastor and a nurse. Parents were shocked when it turned out that he had no hands or legs, only one deformed foot with two fingers.

At first, he could not go to a regular school, because the law of Victoria forbade the children with physical disabilities. But when the law changed, Vujicic was one of the first disabled students attending school together with non-disabled. In school, he was humiliated by his colleagues, which lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. At age 10 he tried to commit suicide by drowning.


Later he realized that he could inspire others to give them faith and hope. When the mother showed him a newspaper article about a man who can cope in everyday life despite disability, Nick realized that he was not the only one, and he decided to overcome his illness. He learned to independently perform all the necessary daily activities: to write with your toes, use the computer, comb, shave, brush your teeth, answer the phone, drink a glass of water, ride a skateboard, and even kick a tennis ball, golf, surf or play the drums

Thats exactly what the message of “The Butterfly Circus” is, to overcome your insecurities and show everyone what you can achieve, despite sickness and health disorders.

I worked on this story together with Daniel, so be sure to check out his blogpost as well!


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