American politics and president election 2016

  1.  Two Democrats (H. Clinton and B. Sanders) and three Republicans (T. Cruz, J. Kasich, D. Trump) are still in the running for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination. In an online quiz we took in class, I found out that I side with Hillary Clinton on most 2016 Presidential Election issues in 80%. The second person I agreed with the most was Bernie Sanders (76%).

3.       In my opinion, abortion is one of the most important issues. Here are some facts about how the situation looks between the two parties and states:

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DEMOCRATS:Skjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 22.02.55


REPUBLICANS:Skjermbilde 2016-04-05 kl. 22.03.08

We can see that the republicans have voted for exactly the opposite of what republicans have. Here we notice how big the difference between these two parties actually is.

In all of the states the majority of voters (over 55%) agreed with pro-choice rather than pro-life.

Could Donald Trump have been a candidate in  Europe?

4.     If Donald Trump was to be a candidate in Europe, I think he wouldn’t get too much support from the voters. The way in which he is planning to rule the country if he won the election is not typical for european politics. Even now, many people living in Europe are against his politics and totally disagree with what he is saying.

6.    The Democratic Donkeydemocratic donkey logo design

The Democrats were first to use the donkey as their representative symbol. The donkey represents the Democrats’ beginning 1828.  The running President of 1828 was President Andrew Jackson and he was labeled as a “jackass” due to his populist views and stubborn nature. His main slogan was, “Let the people rule.” Although the cartoon was depicted to mock him, it was later adopted by Jackson himself to represent his Democratic party in 1837.


The Republican Elephant

republican elephant logo design, political logo

Some believe that being a Republican influenced Thomas Nast on choosing a bull elephant to represent his party. However, the Republican elephant was not as intentional as Jackson’s donkey. It was formed  involving New York’s two popular magazines, The Herald and The Harper’s Weekly. The Herald once ran a story of zoo animals being let loose. Cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a cartoon of a donkey wearing lion’s skin, chasing away all the animals (given below). This cartoon was a metaphor for President Ulysses S. Grant whom was running for third term presidency and there was a significant amount of conflict in the Democratic Party. This was one reason that the cartoon included a panicked elephant bearing the label, “Republican Vote.”  Ever since then, the elephant became the Republican Party’s its main symbol.

Meaning of these Symbols

The Democratic donkey represents hard work, diligence, humbleness and a dedication to the USA. The Republicans however, strongly disagree and consider the donkey a symbol of stubbornness.

On the other hand, the Republican elephant represents intelligence, dignity and is considered as the symbol of strength (as it is seen as the only animal that stood up to a lion). In contrast to this, the Democrats see the elephant as comparable to a circus animal.

7.   Republicans need 1237 delegates and democrats need 2383.


8.    If I was an American, I would vote for Hilary Clinton. First of all, she has focused her candidacy on several themes, including raising middle class incomes, expanding women’s rights, instituting campaign finance reform, and improving the Affordable Care Act. I support these decisions, and totally agree with them. She believes in equal pay for equal work and she wants to see the right to same-sex marriage enshrined in the constitution. This is also something I consider as important, therefore in my opinion she is the best candidate for the president.