“About a boy” by Nick Hornby- first impression

Hello and welcome back!

In our english class we now have a project which involves reading one of the two books recommended by the teacher. First, we have to watch two short videos about the authors, then choose a book and explain why we have chosen it.6881eed3f57f35152cae7b85252d784d


After watching the short video where the authors were interviewed, I can write about my impression  of them and the books. I really enjoyed watching the interview of Sherman Alexie, as I found out quite a lot about his life and literary work. I’ve never heard of him or the book before, therefore I got very curious of what it is about and if the story has anything to do with his personal life.la-et-mn-wild-writer-nick-hornby-20141209

However, Nick Hornby is an English author, novelist, essayist, lyricist, and screenwriter. He debuted with the books High Fidelity and About a Boy. In the interview he speaks mainly about the first one, but it also contains some information about all his works in general. Watching this video, I got an impression that Nick Hornby is an author which writes mostly about love, relationships and problems. I got quite a good impression on the book, and since I’ve already seen the movie, it might be interesting to compare the paperback and adaptation.


After choosing which book we wanted to read, which in my case is “About a boy”, we were told to read the first few chapters of the story and write about our first impression. Already after reading the first few pages, I got really caught up in the action. The book starts “in medias res” which means that it begins straight in the action. This made me very curious about what it is all about and what is going to happen soon. In the first few chapters we are  introduced to Marcus and Will, which are the main characters in the book. It seems that they have quite a lot in common, even though the age difference between them is quite big. We also get a first impression of Marcus’ mother, which he lives with alone.

After reading the first 5 chapters of the book I am very happy with my choice and can’t wait to get to know what happens throughout the story and whether the ending will be shocking or not.