PressReader and blizzard in the USA

Today in English class we were introduced to an app called PressReader.


As their website says:

“PressReader delivers the world’s newspapers and magazines to millions of readers the way they want to receive them – in print, online, or on their mobile device, tablet or eReader – wherever they live, travel, work or play.”-

Akershus county delivers it to all the students and teachers in our region for free. That mean we have access to newspapers and magazines from all around the world in one place. There is also a possibility to read articles not only from today but also from days and even months ago. We can read the news on-the-go, just by using the app on our phones, but we have to load the newspaper when we still are connected to the schools internet.


My group, consisting of Julie, Malene and Daniel, chose the topic “Snowstorm in the USA”, and read 3 different articles in 3 newspapers- “The Washington Post Sunday”, “New York Post” and “New York Daily News”. “New York Post’s article contain much less basic information than the others. “The Washington Post Sunday” and “New York Daily News”, wrote mostly about the blizzard in the country in general and New York Post informs about the situation in New York.

The surprising thing is that even though every paper was writing about the same thing, all of them had slightly different information and facts. For instance, the number of deaths and cancelled flights varied greatly. But the overall information is basically the same- the blizzard attacked New York on Saturday morning and had lasted throughout the weekend. It made quite a lot of traffic and accidents. People were told not to leave their houses if they didn’t have to, and buy their groceries in advance.

You can find the PressReader app on every kind of device!

But as the article says, not New York but Washington DC was the epicentre of the storm, where schools, government and the transit system closed early. There, the blizzard was the strongest out of all the cities in the USA. Fortunately, the worst is now over, and now this awful weather is heading to Europe- first the United Kingdom, then probably also Norway.


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