Evaluation of my progress in English this school year

This year I have started high school, which means that a new chapter in my life has begun, and thus many new responsibilities. English has always been an important part of my life, therefore, I love to expand my knowledge in it.English.jpg

That is exactly what I’ve been doing since august. In English class at my school, we do many different things- from writing a blog, to making videos in English. In that way, we get to try out new ways of learning, and none of our lessons are alike. Together with my group, we have reflected on our learning in the past 6 months, and this is what we all agreed on:

  • it is a good idea to go over grammar rules in lessons
  • we like working in groups as much as alone
  • reading and watching films expands our vocabulary and pronunciation
  • speaking tasks make us more comfortable and fluent in talking in English

I agree with them. In my opinion, a good way to improve our English is by involving ourselves in as much as we can. Reading books is especially important, as that’s how we learn a lot of vocabulary. Watching films and tv-series is a possibility for us to become familiar with proper pronunciation. It is extremely important to speak a lot, because then we develop our fluency.


I am most satisfied by work in class when we do various things, which can be for example doing reading comprehensions, revising grammar and expanding our vocabulary. Making videos, radio shows and other projects are also something I like doing. The most important thing for me is to learn something new each time, then I feel as if I am making progress in my work.

I have to admit that my English has become better this semester. My plan for next six months is to get even more fluent in speaking and learn more subject related vocabulary. I hope it is going to be a good semester 🙂

2 thoughts on “Evaluation of my progress in English this school year

  1. Hey, my name is Magenta, from Canada. In our french class we are looking trough your blogs and while I was reading this blog I came across this article. I connected with it because my first language is french although in Canada one of the main languages is English. So I am also very willing to improve in reading and writing in the English language.


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