A video project- technology at my school!

Last Wednesday (06/01/2016) our teacher had planned that we were going to make a video in our English lesson. The class was divided into two groups, where one of them was assigned to make a short video about Kahoot, while the second group (which I was in) was meant to briefly talk about technology at our school.


As a class which loves trying out new and exciting things, everyone started moving and got straight to work. The groups consisted of around 15 people, which is quite a lot. Therefore, we started off with organising ourselves by deciding who was responsible for what. I got the job as the editor of the film, which meant I was supposed to put it all together at the end. (Unfortunately, I didn’t think that choice through, and before we finished filming I had to go to the orthodontist.. Luckily someone took over my position).

We loaned a professional camera and microphone from the media department in our school, so we got to experiment with proper equipment. That was a great experience! I’m sure it would be a great idea to learn some more about making films in a competent way.



Our video is about an English teenager, which has come to our school as an exchange student. He is not used to using laptops in class and doesn’t understand why there aren’t any books in the classroom. Afterwards, someone shows him around the school and explains the schools system. He is quite stunned by that, but surely will get used to it and be satisfied soon.

I’m very happy that our English lessons are so interesting, and I can’t wait for my teacher to show our videos on a conference in London! I hope the participants will be astonished by our great work!

Also, be sure to check out both of the groups videos!

Kahoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd0-ss1y-XI

Technology in school: *coming soon*


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