Using Kahoot to learn!

Today in our english lesson, we got a visit from the Kahoot team from London, which wanted to film us making and solving Kahoot quizzes. In our groups, we worked on questions about Ernest Hemingway, who I wrote a post about last time. You can read the post here, and play the Kahoot which was made by our group!

Even though many students in Norway have heard about and used, many people don’t know what it is or how it works. Basically, it is a site where you can first make a quiz/survey/discussion and then play with your friends or class, by them joining either on their phone or laptop. It is a really fun way to learn new facts, and make a lesson a bit more interesting.
I have first heard of this site about a year ago, at an event in Oslo. It was such a fascinating experience! Some time later, it was introduced to us in class by our teacher. Then we got to make our own quizzes which didn’t turn out perfect in the beginning, but now they are just getting much better.


We use Kahoot not only in class, but also outside of our lessons. It was introduced to us also on an conference at the Oslo Innovation Week, where our english teacher, Ann Michaelsen, was talking about technology at our school. Then we solved a few kahoot quizzes, where one of them was actually won by two of my classmates!
In my opinion kahoot is a great invention and I highly recommend it to other teachers and students. The kahoot crew was also really kind and they seemed very enthusiastic about their work.

It was a great experience having the kahoot team in our lesson, and I hope we will get similar opportunities in the future 🙂

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