How technology is helping me learn!

Hello everyone!

In todays post I would like to write something about how technology affects my learning and everyday life. Both in school and at home it’s impossible to function without some kind of help of a mobile phone, laptop or tv. Usually these devices are related with something negative and time-wasting, but nowadays technology is not only used for entertainment.


I have to admit that in Sandvika Secondary School technology is a very important aspect and it is quite well developed. The very fact that instead of paper books we learn from digital books is already a big step ahead all the other schools. If I was told to describe how this works, I would say that first of all I am surprisingly pleased by it. The most important thing about digital books is that we don’t have to carry all the needed paperback to school everyday, because honestly said that would be a nightmare. The laptop itself weighs quite a lot and takes up a lot of space in my bag, which would be troublesome.


the girls in my class!

We use laptops every lesson to take notes in an app called OneNote, which in my opinion is a very good place to write down the most important facts from the lesson. In addition we can download the books onto our desktop, so that we don’t even need access to the internet to flip through the current topics. This makes our lives so much easier! The good thing is that we can also mark important sentences and statements in the book, by saving a bookmark in that place. In that way we can afterwards easily go back to where we finished before.

Powerpoint presentations are also a good form of teaching, and that is exactly what my school uses. This form of technology helps us take a break of keeping up with what the teacher is saying, and lets us focus on the general facts that are being shown by the projector on the board.

I think that technology is becoming more and more useful in our school and work lives, and it doesn’t do anything other that even more expanding our knowledge . I am happy that this is how I have started learning in high school.



8 thoughts on “How technology is helping me learn!

  1. Hi at Dainfern Collge in South Africa we use technology (iPads) to do work in class. We have 4 IT classrooms with computers and we have one IMac lab and they are always in use.

    This blog is very interesting because it is good to know what other schools do with technology and how they learn.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback! Nice to hear that you like my blog 🙂 Here at Sandvika Vgs we have to take our laptops with us everyday to school, but its good to know how your school works.


  2. Hello Sandra

    My name’s Shirean and we also use power points in class. We also use iPads or other tablets to do projects or research things during class. I am impressed with your English as it is not your first language.

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    1. I agree with you, technology is important nowadays because without it school would be much harder 🙂
      Thank you! It might be because I’ve lived a few years in England, but in Norway everyone can speak english somewhat fluently so thats an advantage 🙂 Hope to hear from you and your friends soon!


  3. Hi! The way you study over there sounds really nice and interesting! I leave in Greece where we still use books in classrooms and only teachers use computers and the projectors to show us several things about our subjects. Students use the classroums’ computers only to present a presentation they’ve made about a subject or something interesting they’ve found. I would really like to attend the lessons the way you do over there.

    Chara Zaganidou (Greece, Thessaloniki, 14) 🙂

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    1. Hi Chara! Thats exactly what lessons are like in Poland where I come from, and when I moved to Norway I was quite positively surprised by how dependent of laptops the students in high school are! I personally like using normal books and wasn’t quite happy in the beginning, but now I got used to it and it is a great thing not to carry so much to school everyday! Maybe in some years its going to be the same in Greece and Poland? 🙂 Greetings from Norway 😀 Sandra


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