There are no boundaries for dreams- “Spare Parts” film

The week before my autumn holiday we watched a film directed by Sean McNamara called “Spare Parts”, made in 2015. The story is about 4 illegal immigrant teenagers who attend a high school in Phoenix, Arizona. When one of them decides to take part in a national robotics competition, he makes up a group of four boys who soon drive all the way to California to fulfill their dream.

One of the aspects which is shows in the film is achieving a success in such a high standard competition by totally normal boys from poor families. I think that this is something that requires a lot of sacrifice, because the consequences of failure can be very big, and one of them would be deportation to their home country, Mexico. Therefore the young engineers had to put in extra effort and work as a team to succeed.

Living as an immigrant was a very tough time for all the illegal student at Carl Hayden High School. Having to wake up every day and worry about.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how you use technology in your school and daily life . At dainfern college in South Africa we use technology in so many ways too . We use a lot in apple Ipads. We use Google classroom for assignments, homework and reminders . It’s a great tool to use and am happy to see how technology is moving forward in our school

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