Kolsåstoppen trip with my class!


A few weeks ago, my class was given an assignment in which we were supposed to visit our nearby mountain and learn about the different rock types. It’s been a while now since the trip, but in todays post I would like to write what it is like on this local mountain, and also dive more into the geological part of the hike.

Skjermbilde 2015-10-13 kl. 22.48.07

Kolsås can translate into “Coal (kol) Hill (ås), which as you probably have figured out by now, means that this particular mountain is in a big part formed by coal.  The highest top of the mountain is called Varden and has 387 masl.

Kolsås is a part of the Oslo-field, and it constitutes elderly headwaters southwest of a huge, dilapidated volcano. It was created after the crust cracked up to 300 million years ago and sank in some places as much as 1,500 meters into the earth. In early Permian times the crust cracked up and lava flowed out of the area. Krokskogen-Kolsås-Nittedal lava province was formed in the sixth rift stage. This amounted to the end of the rift stage which started in south and ended farthest north. The initial rift culminated with streams of rhomb porphyry lava that covered two-thirds of Oslo Field. Most of the lava eroded away, though the lava is relatively hard and erosion-resistant and thus rises and forms hills in theterrain.IMG_3662IMG_3665

On the south east side of the mountain can we find a KIF- cabin. The cottage was originally set up at Frogner in Oslo in connection with the anniversary exhibition in 1914. It was designed by the architectural firm Berner and Berner and received the award for best tourist cabin during the Jubilee. When the exhibition was over, the cabin was bought by Christiania Idrætsforening, hence the name KIF hut. The cottage was transported by train to Sandvika station and from there transported on cane stick up to the place where the lodge stands today. The cabin was fully assembled and ready for use in 1916.IMG_3651Skjermbilde 2015-10-13 kl. 22.46.53Source: http://eie.no/boliger/andel-leilighet-akershus-gjettum-1346-sogneprest-munthe-kaas-vei-19-eie551588/


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