Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at my school


In todays post I would like to write a little bit about the Norwegian politics and this is because two weeks ago (28.08.15) our school vas visited by Erna Solberg, who is the Prime Minister here in Norway. She was accompanied by Lisbeth Hammer Krog-mayor of Bærum and Anette Solli- county mayor of Akershus. Therefore I will be talking about what her duties are in the parliament, and what was the point of her visit in Sandvika secondary school.

Norwegian Prime Minister is the country’s head of government, she carries much of the executive power that accrues to the king by the Constitution. Unlike their counterparts in the rest of Europe, Norwegian Prime Ministers do not have the option of advising the King to dissolve the Storting and call a snap election, the Storting must serve out its full four-year term.


Solberg came to one of the best schools in Bærum, to learn more about the different projects which are being held at this particular high school. She got to know that at our school 3 of the first year classes got digital books, which gives them many benefits. She learned more about the schools organization, eg. fagdager, which means a whole day of one subject. During the school visit on Friday the Prime Minister received an introduction on the new safety and emergency response systems VoKS, which during the school year will be implemented at all secondary schools in Akershus.

I think that our school can be proud of having over such a special guest, because not many students get the opportunity of meeting an important person in the country. I hope that in the near future our school will be even better in using digital books and that the Prime Minister will be able to visit our school even more times.

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