Hello world!


I’m Sandra, and this is a blog which is made and written by me, for the english class in secondary school. I am a 16 year old girl from Poland living in Sandvika, Norway. I have also spent 5 years of my childhood in England, which now gives me the love to that country and culture, as well as the language itself.
Here at Sandvika Secondary School we were told to write a blog which is going to be regularly updated by what we do in english classes, book reviews and many more interesting things.

But first maybe I will write a few words about me, so that you can get a better look at who I am. I’ve just started attending this school about a week ago, but I am already very satisfied with how it turned out. I think this is the best place I can develop my skills and meet great people. As for my free time, I enjoy spending it with my best friends, either going out or staying at home watching films. I love riding my bike and actively spending time outdoors. English, maths and social studies are my favourite subjects at school, mostly because I am planing to do something with them in the future.


Here is the one and only selfie of me which I am ever going to post here, and that’s just so that you won’t have to imagine what I look like 🙂

That would be all for now, I hope you liked my first post and that you will visit my page in the future!